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Islandwide Delivery Available!
Islandwide Delivery Available!

Ceylon Coconut Organic Coconut Vinegar 250ml

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Rs 425.00
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Our coconut vinegar is a natural product produced from fermented organic coconut water. It comes with the 'Mother' ( Mycoderma Aceti) which contains strands of protein, enzymes and friendly bacteria. Since its fermented, coconut vinegar is a natural source of probiotics. Coconut vinegar is a good source of minerals, vitamins including potassium, ascorbic acid and certain B vitamins. It is also low on the glyceuemic index, so it won't spike blood sugar.Coconut vinegar also contains all nine essential amino acids.

INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut vinegar

(16 servings per container, 1tbsp=15g)

-No msg
-100% organic

Other information:
- Keep away from direct sunlight
- Keep lid tightly closed
- Shelf life is 2 years
- Certified organic by ICU
- Product of Sri Lanka